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Accommodation in Ireland!

When you get to the Dublin, don’t worry about where to stay. It’s good idea to set up everything before traveling here. If you don’t have friends here just ask your college to arrange a host family for a month. Staying at host family is good opportunity to know about the Irish life, culture, food and many more. Host family normally costs 150 per week. It includes all bills, using all the facilities in the house as well as Breakfast and Dinner.

The Irelands` living is one of the expensive in European Union. So it is hard for the Nepalese to own a flat single and stay there alone. One bed flat normally costs Euro 1000 per month. And 2 beds flat costs around 1500 Euro subject to the locality. It is good idea to share the room with the other people that cost Euro 50-70 per week. The rates normally does not includes any bills e.g. electricity, telephone and heating.  The way to search people to share the room is to view Irish national daily "Evening Herald". Beside that you can go to the USIT where there is display for such sharing rooms. USIT is located in the City Center just across the O ` Connel Bridge.  Please do not forget to check notices in your college. It helps a lot.                  

There are also a plenty of Hostels around the Dublin. The hostels are quite expensive then the others. The rate of hostel ranges from 12-15 per night on B/B basis. The easiest hostels to get along are:

Abbey Hostel

29 Bachelors Walk, Dublin 1



Brewery Hostel

22/23 Thomas St.


 There are plenty of websites related to the accommodations. They are:

 Above all www.daft.ie  is the best website for the student accommodation. It`s free of charge and it allows you to search for accommodation in a particular area and within a certain price range, to share or to rent alone.


 You can also find various letting agencies in Dublin. Some letting agencies might charge for the service. Please feel free to go and ask any letting agencies when you get to Dublin.


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