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Working here in Ireland is legal for those who gained into Ireland legally to pursue the course of study. During the college year you are only allowed to the maximum of 20 hrs per week. However there is no any hard and fast rule to limit the working hours. It`s you to arrange the time for the work. However you are not restricted to the maximum of 20 hrs during your holidays.

 The minimum wage in Ireland from the 1st of October 2002 is € 6.35 per hour. Be sure that you are not earning less than that. Usually the wages maximised up to € 8.50-€ 10.00 depending upon the kind of work you do.

You are paid double if you work in the Bank holidays. And if you don`t then you will get paid for the normal hours you used to work.

Really it`s hard to get job easily anywhere in the world. The same case is here in Ireland. Don`t forget to check the jobs section in The Evening Herald and The Irish Independent. They are better to find a part time job. There are number of FAS (Irish government owned job agency) around Dublin. Just check into them to find job.

Its good way to go to the hotels, restaurants, coffee shops etc. and leave CV (CV should be attractive and should contain all of your information). Always ask for the manager before leaving C.V. Make sure that your CV has been handed to the right person. The chance of getting job is high if you leave the CV to the manager as they are the person to give the decision.


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